Smart Girl has become a critical imperative in our quest to have a happy and successful future for our girl child by creating awareness in them regarding the multiplicity of the challenges faced in today’s society in transition.

BJS believes in empowering girls to lead a positive life while being able to deal with adverse situations by themselves.
With this core belief, BJS embarked upon designing & delivering a unique program for empowerment of teenager and young adult women.
The program is conceived and delivered to empower girls to -

  • Develop healthy mindset
  • Equip them to resiliently respond and deal with risk factors in the external environment
  • Strengthen their relationships with their families as the primary support system

For the larger good & betterment of the society, BJS endeavors and strives to identify the major concerns of relevance to the society at large, to come up with effective, meaningful and deliverable solutions, and also to execute and implement those by leveraging its own resources of in-house professional expertise and the strength of its nation-wide presence through the network of dedicated volunteers.

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